Antimicrobial Technology Platform for Next Generation Medical Devices
Healthcare-Acquired Infections are the most frequent adverse event in health-care delivery worldwide. Use of antimicrobial devices is key infection-control strategy as most common Healthcare-Acquired Infections are medical-device related.
We can make any elastomer antimicrobial, ensuring maximal protection for your medical device, veterinarian or consumer goods.
Antimicrobial technology customizable for your application
Antimicrobial protection against Pathogenic Microorganisms
The emergence of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria has led to recognition of polymeric materials with antimicrobial properties as main strategy to combat microbial infections.

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Aseptika Technology

Aseptica's patent pending eco-friendly antimicrobial technology platform uses nanocomposites of organic particles and antimicrobial (silver ion) particles as multi-functional fillers within polymer matrices. Unique diffusion system in polymer matrix ensures uniform dispersion of silver ions which are directly incorporated into the polymer matrix during processing. This unique technology allows migration of silver ions inside the polymer thus ensuring effective long-term antimicrobial protection. 

Aseptika’s technology boasts broad spectrum long lasting antimicrobial activity and meets the current FDA standards for antimicrobial claims of a “greater than 4-log reduction”.

We can make your products Antimicrobial

Aseptika ensures effective antimicrobial protection for the effective lifetime of the product, helping to avoid cross-contamination and infection.

We take a bespoke approach to every individual project and work with our clients to develop optimal solution for their application.

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Excellent antimicrobial efficacy against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi;

User Friendly

Polymer processing/cure process is not impaired due to use of Aseptika antimicrobial additive;


Due to unique diffusion of Ag+ in the polymer matrix antimicrobial efficacy is retained for long time;

Elastomer Friendly

Mechanical properties of the polymer composite are superior to compare to those of unfilled polymer;


Excellent antimicrobial efficacy is achieved while ensuring biocompatibility;

Wide Application

Antimicrobial additive is well dispersed in different types of polymer matrix, thus used in all kinds of elastomers.